North Yorkshire

My name is Camilla and I live in North Yorkshire in a grade II listed house. We had a budget of £25k-£30k.

What was your project?

We'd renovated the house and the garden was the next project to tackle. The only terrace was randomly placed in the middle of the garden, it was covering up a swimming pool! There wasn’t much interest or colour in the garden and we wanted to create some seating areas, a space for dining and entertaining friends near the house and a covered seating area surrounded by scented plants. A place to sit and chill even if it was drizzling. The garden needed to be in keeping with the house and surrounding area but with a sense of the owners style and preferred colour palette.


How long did the project take? 

From initial discussions to getting going with the design and completing the build took around 18 months. There was an overgrown leylandii hedge to deal with, rampant convolvulus to dig out and remove and a swimming pool (the rubble from the pool was used as the hardcore for the terrace and the soil that was dug out to lay the paving was used to fill the swimming pool hole).


What was the result?

The result was a large entertaining space, a smaller relaxed seating area and lots of colourful planting that could be seen whether looking out from the house, barbecuing or chilling out with a glass of wine surrounded by scented plants.  


What advice would you give someone looking to do a similar project?

For anyone starting their own project even if you want to split the work into phases I would still have an overall plan to work from. This will allow the scheme to feel cohesive, giving it a sense of unity rather than a patio or terrace, some borders and a lawn (for example) that don’t necessarily link together. I would also consider items such as water features, lighting and irrigation and even if you think it might be something to add at a later stage put the cabling or conduit in now. It is so much easier and more cost effective to add cables at the start of a project rather than having to take up paving or dig up and replant plants.

Would you recommend your contractor?

Without hesitation. Camilla Grayley.

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