Document download centre aiding with your home improvements

From A-Z. Planning checklists right down to what comes next, we have a few guides to help aid you on making your house, a home.

Material Quantities Guidelines
If you're either painting a wall or using wall paper - here is a conversion chart to tell you approximately how much you might need!
RIBA Plan of Works Template
A really useful overview of what to expect at each stage of your home improvement.
Project Management Checklist
Basic checklist of different items which should be taken into consideration whilst improving your home alongside a project program outline. From tiles to landscaping.
Planning Checklist
From A-Z of what is required.
Planning Hierarchy
Hierarchy of planning and different policies. Do you need planning? What is entailed?
Working with an Architect for your Own Home
RIBA guidance on working with an architect and the steps you go through when making home improvements.