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The Great Outdoors

We have this GREAT story that came from our community, it's not quite a case study but it's definitely a home improvement, or we think so anyway!

My name is Jane and I live with my husband James in Surrey. We have a small, walled garden with raised beds and decking. In the winter it’s pretty bleak, we get to look out on a covered garden bench and the skeletons of plum, maple and birch trees.  We wanted to find a way to make more of our garden during the winter months, especially as we’re in another lockdown and there may be more to follow. Like most other people we’ve not had a holiday this year and so decided to invest some of the money we would have spent on that into making a little sanctuary in our garden. We didn’t want a permanent structure that would limit our sun light during the spring and summer months so we looked at temporary options that would withstand the weather, give us some protection and importantly give us somewhere to go. James has always wanted a hot tub which I have to admit I wasn’t very keen on before, but it felt like it was worth investing in something a little bit different so we had something else to look forward to at the end of another day working from home. We shopped around and decided the Softub was the best option. It’s not cheap, but it should last for years which is both good for the environment and more of an investment than one of the more disposable inflatable ones you can get. We were really lucky to find an end of line, last in stock gazebo to go over the hot tub to give us some weather protection and a bit of privacy. It was all really easy to put together and our electrician ran a cable outside so we could plug in the hot tub and heater. We’re really happy with the result, it’s great to be able to go into the gazebo at the end of the day, relax and enjoy a glass of wine.

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